Flight Simulation

Patent (Pending) electronic and hardware

Our in-house developed flight simulator and simulations. Focusing in ease-in-use and affordability.

International Standard ICAO9625

Our development refer to  international aviation standards during design and manufacturing, with extra focus in ESG protocol.

Affordable Prices

Self developed hardware and electronic components, leveraging technology and scaling capability to reduce production cost, making flight sim technology accessible to different level.

Need solutions? We are here to help

Need solutions?

We are here to help.

Product List

FIS System

A procedural trainer, system integrated with Foreflight, an active EFB system to allow trainee to experience latest aviation digital technology.


Portable and Lightweight to fulfil variety of needs. User-friendly and minimum complex cockpit interface for elementary flight training.

IMG_9022 copy
Console 40

Immersive training with full replica of Single Engine Aircraft (SEA) with flight performance analytics capability with Cloudahoy, a Boeing Company.

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