UAS Licensing & Operation

Licensing and Approval

Approved by regulators, Aerosim can offer comprehensive guidelines on how, when, where to control UAV legally and safely.

Learning a Mixture of Technology through Drone

The training combines the latest technologies & operations of drones, including coding,  artificial intelligence, 3D Mapping, engineering & piloting.

Master the next-gen technology skills

UAS will be a next-gen aviation technology. We do our best to ensure the application of technology is under the legal approval and safe operational parameter.”

Need solutions? We are here to help

Need solutions?

We are here to help.

Service List

UAV Inspection
UAV Inspection

Inspecting sites in your organization for drones to operate legally

UAV Licensing

Providing consultancy to get UAV regulatory approval for operation

UAV Training-min
UAV Training

Providing drone training with piloting, engineering, coding, and AI

UAV Safety Management-min
UAV Safety Management

Helping to set up a system for safety management

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