Boeing's Digital Platform

Earn a certificate on Boeing’s Digital Training Platform

Officially offered by Boeing’s Digital Platform, Jeppesen and ForeFlight, giving learner a good support towards their early career. 

Learning a Mixture of Technology through Aero Systems

The training combines the latest technologies & operations using a risk free experience, including flight simulators, online learning platform supported by video, audio and mock-up examination. 

Master the next-gen technology skills

Digital transformation might sound difficult and scary. We do our best to ensure the application and learning of technology is seemless and the our simulations technology allow trainee to practice and learn in a risk free environment”

Need solutions? We are here to help

Need solutions?

We are here to help.

Service List

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The Jeppesen's Part 61 Online course help students through a combination of text, graphics, video, and audio, making preparation for early current training.

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ForeFlight is an electronic flight bag for iOS and iPadOS devices designed to assist pilots and corporate flight departments with flight planning.

ForeFlight Training

Learn how to fly with ForeFlight using flight simulation and our training curriculum

UAV Safety Management-min
UAV Safety Management

Helping to set up a system for safety management

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