Education & Training


Supported By Professional Aviators And Educators

Our devices fulfill the international aviation standard, and at the same time, offer users a learning experience that is as close as a real pilot within an affordable budget.

Comprehensive Curriculum

Our team has joined with teachers, professors, and aviation professionals to design curricula that connect aviation with different STEAM subjects. Providing STEM classes with curriculum, STEM teaching tools, and activities book.

Complemented With Cutting-Edge Technology

Intertwined with our face-to-face training, we provide a whole set of self-learning videos and interactive App for students to learn and practices.

Need solutions? We are here to help

Need solutions?

We are here to help.

Product List

Aero Cadet-min

Aero Cadet

Training with 3 monitors displays and 1:1 flight deck

Model A-min

Model A

Carry out pilot-like procedural training instead of amateur gaming



Comprehensive curriculum tailored for students with different levels


Integrated Aviation Approached Learning Platform

Learning and anytime, anywhere your aviation knowledge

Scaled Aircraft Model with AR

Scaled Aircraft Model With Augmented Reality

Learning aircraft structure with Augmented Reality learning platform

Service List

Group Class

Group Classes

Providing structured training for anyone who is interested in aviation

Day Event

Putting our device to become one of the highlight of your event

STEM Lab Design

STEM Lab Design

Revolutionize a regular room into a next-generation training lab

Drone Training-min

Drone Training

Providing drone training with piloting, engineering, coding, and AI

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