InnoCarnival 2021

We are offering a rare opportunity to the public to experience our in-house Flight Simulators (Model A and Console 40).


Model A & Aero Cadet

Frequently Asked Questions​ (FAQ)

General Questions

Model A 是一部由Aerosim 在香港設計和製造的初階級別的飛行模擬器。靈感源於Cessna172  (單引擎螺旋槳飛機)的機艙,簡化的設計能使沒有飛行經驗的學生,更容易學習飛機控制系統,從而經歷最超卓不凡的飛行體驗。

Model A is designed and manufactured by Aerosim in Hong Kong, it is an introductory flight simulator based on Europe’s best-selling training aircraft.

Model A is the perfect entry-level training tool designed for easier understanding of aircraft’s systems and controls. To experience flying in the purest format.

Aero Cadet 包含三面螢幕 ,並一比一彷製了澳洲、紐西蘭、 英國及美國等民航機師培訓時所使用的機種。
我們致力提供高像真度和真實的體驗 ,達到專業機師的要求

Aero Cadet is a 3-monitor, 1:1 replica of a training aircraft used throughout Australia, New Zealand, UK and US for airline pilot training.

With high fidelity training and realistic experience, we aim to satisfy the need of a professional pilot.

Model A 和 Aero Cadet 都是用Lockheed Martin 的Prepar3d。

Prepar3d by Lockheed Martin (A Boeing Company) is used in both Model A and Aero Cadet.

基於  Model A 和 Aero Cadet  的設計來自不同的機種,分別是空中巴士(Airbus)的搖桿 Airbus(Sidestick) 及波音的操縱桿,所以操控方法亦不一樣。

The Model A and Aero Cadet are based on two different types of aircraft which have different controls, side sticks on Airbus aircraft and control yokes on Boeing jets.

輕輕地握著搖桿 /操縱桿 ,然後把搖桿推向你想移動的方向

  • 拉向自己會使飛機上升
  • 前推會使飛機下降
  • 左撥會使飛機左轉
  • 右撥會使飛機右轉

Gently hold the stick or yoke (depending on which simulator you are on). And push to the direction you wish to fly to.

  • Pull back (Towards yourself) to ascend the aircraft
  • Push forward (Away from yourself) to descend the aircraft
  • Push left to turn left
  • Push right to turn right

雖然機師夢飛翔沒有年齡限制, 但Aerosim 建議四歲或以上

There is not a minimum age in order to take part in this flight experience, but Aerosim recommends age 4 or above


Other than flight training, the simulators are very valuable assets to help teaching in primary and secondary schools, engaging students in class, and be used for education.

Aerosim 和合作夥伴(香港生產力促進局)提供了專業課堂給予對航空有興趣的學生。


Aerosim offers classes to students with an interest at our partnering institution (The Hong Kong Productivity Council). For class sign-up and more information, please click the link here.

Kai Tak International Airport
Opened in January 1925, the infamous checkerboard approach into Runway 13 remains to be one of the most challenging landings for most pilots. We would like to remember the glory days and invite our guests to enjoy this hair-raising approach.

Hong Kong International Airport
The modern HKIA provides a stark contrast when positioned next to the Kai Tak airport. Hong Kong is geographically positioned to be an aviation hub. Join us in the flight deck for a straight out departure on Runway 07R at Chek Lap Kok.

Brisbane Airport
One might ask… why Brisbane, Australia? Here at Aerosim, we believe in applying theory into practice. We will be taking our talented flyers from our programme to Australia after the lockdown reopens to one of our affiliated flight schools to put simulated practice into action. Watch this space for more updates!

Sales Questions

Thank you for your interest!  However, we are focusing on Business-to-Business (B2B) at the moment.

Aerosim is committed to offer various technologies that empower learner to achieve bolder learning outcomes. 

Here is a list of services Aerosim can provide:

  • STEM Lab Design
    Revolutionize a regular room into a next-generation training lab, providing aviation atmosphere aiding learning experience and help students actualize classroom knowledge through Aviation
  • Group Class
    Providing structured training for anyone who is interested in aviation
  • Event Package 
    Mix and match our different aviation offerings to deliver maximum STEM learning outcomes (Model A, Aero Cadet, Aircraft Model, Winglider…) 
  • Professional Training Materials 
    1. Jeppesen’s FAA- and EASA-approved aviation training courseware
    2. ASA professional training materials
  • Curriculum with Online Learning Platform
    Enhance learning experience of students by integrating textbooks and modern Augmented Reality (AR) technology, embody knowledge by visualization
    Learn more about our curriculum 

Feel free to leave your contact via WhatsApp, our business development team will get in touch with you shortly.

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Group Class
Group Class

Teaching students with hand-on practices and innovative technology


Comprehensive curriculum tailored for students with different levels

STEM Lab Design

Revolutionize a regular room into a next-generation training lab

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