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1:1 Replica of Real Cockpit
Bring Aviation to the Community.

"Realistic Flight Experience, Inspire Everyday Learning."

1:1 Replica of Real Cockpit

Built on 1:1 ratio of the real aircraft cockpit, tape-measured the real Single Engine Aircraft from sketch and build the FTD to replicate a real cockpit environment.

Software used has been designed to meet CASA(Australia) FSD requirements for a Cat. B trainer and EASA(European) FSTD standard.

Tested by category rated pilot and operator with modification and adjustment been constantly reviewed to increase flight fidelity.


AEROSIM Flight Simulation Training

No matter primary / secondary students, adults or active pilots,
flight training can be held anywhere.

Students of AEROSIM are provided variety of events and activities to experience the real work of pilot such as:

  • Exhibitions / Events
  • Professional Training
  • Career Planning
  • EduTech Workshop


UAV Training

UAV flight training can strengthen the understanding of
each part inside the drone that makes up the entire structure,
knowledge essential to the normality of flight control,
and how it relates to aerodynamic principles and knowledge.

AEROSIM (HK) Limited is a member company of Incu-Tech Programme of Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks

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