Aerosim DA40 product has a proven ability to provide practical training and experiential learning platform for training and education purposes. This excellent flight simulator enable organisation to deliver essential knowledge and skills to both students and instructors.


UAV Training

UAV Training can stimulate the understanding of how each piece insides drones that makes up the entire structure is critical to the normalcy of flight controls, and how it is related to aerodynamics principles and knowledge.


Educational Simulation

Aerosim will also get connect with different school, is a franchising opportunity for individual to operate educational/training centre using Aerosim training product, specially designed for HK education.


Show Case

Booth Size: 5.6m X 3 m X 2 m (Width X Depth X Height)

Booth Shape: Diamond


Show Case


Show Case

Booth Size: 2m X 2.5m X 2 m (Width X Depth X Height)

Booth Shape: Rectangle


Show Case

Discussion on Risk Mitigation Measures of UAV

Legal Use of UAV

UAV Safety Training

HK Flying Chart

UAV safety check

UAV Performance in Ceremony

UAV Operations

Greatest Potential Awards

aerosim uav

Aerosim Researching UAV

Infusing UAV technology in Flight Simulation

Clearance of Safety Zone

UAV Safety Zone

Aero Explorer

(Specially Designed for HK Education)

Launch in Sep 2019