Who we are

Targeting on both education and flight training markets, Aerosim has developed Flight Training Device which incorporated cutting edge technology such as A.I and UAV. We provide an affordable educational platform for students to apply school-based knowledge experientially, as well as offering pilots a high-fidelity training device which effectively lower the cost on flight training and greatly enhancing flight safety.

our vision

Aerosim is an Aviation Training and Flight Simulator design & hardware company aiming to bring aviation to the community, and to make aviation reachable to general public

our mission

Bringing Everyone Step Closer to the Sky

Bring Virtual into Reality


our values

To become the No.1 in aviation training and flight simulator company in Hong Kong. Bring knowledge through aviation


About our team

Mattis Tsang

Head of Research & Development

  • Pilot Australia
  • Lecturer @ University
  • Time in Aviation: 10+ Years
  • Master of Science in Management

Branden Poon

Executive Director

  • Master of Social Science
  • Time in Aviation: 13 Years
  • Ex- Airlines Training Manager
  • Aviation Management Lecturer

Our partner