Inno TaiPo Expo 17 Feb 2019

  • From: 17/02/2019
  • To: 17/02/2019
  • Location: 香港科學園

Thank you for the chance given by the Science Park, Aerosim successfully held the exhibition in the Inno Tai Po 2019. On that day, students from different school came to have a look on our device and tried to experience the Aero Cadet, which is the hand-made flight simulation for professional pilot training.



當 Aerosim 有任何最新的模擬飛行訓練課程資訊、活動詳情及報名辦法以及其他最新模擬飛行訓練資訊都會第一手為你提供!本月內訂閱Aerosim電子報可以取得Aerosim滑翔機紙樣,體驗飛行樂趣!